The 12 Days of Swn-fest: Part 8 – Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers

Cerebral fusion of exploratory electronica and jarring instrumentalism that suggests Lightening Bolt pondering the Warp back catalogue, Three Trapped Tigers employ a classically-trained background with a desire to create their own fine anomaly in sound.

It’s their rejection of the actual tools of electronica that makes them so interesting however. Informed by artists like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow, Three Traped Tigers explore the possibilities and mental emotion of such music by refusing to rely on  any backing tracks at their shows and recording their music entirely live, without overubs and absolutely no computer sequencing.

The stubborn concept is intriguing and if their name creates an image of primeval beasts exploring their own confinement through wondrous self-rage then the subtle, emerging symphonies and improvisation certainly live up to that expectation.

Three Trapped Tigers play the Kruger gig at Y Fuwch Goch on 22 October. Also appearing are PortasoundNot CoolJonquilFiction and Brainlove DJs.

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