The 12 Days of Swn-fest: Part 12 – The Drums

The Drums

The Drums

Dreamy, intoxicating surf-pop and Factory Records urban basslines: never the twain shall meet? Only in Brooklyn’s contagious awesome foursome. Hooks to hang your coat on with the potential for Swn-stealing glory – sshh!

It starts with whistling that feels like ice cubes trickling down your back. The bass teases in, like the Shins, but if the Shins grew up on a diet of Factory 12 inches. Vocals, pure surf-lovely vocals: “Oh mama, I wanna go surfing / Oh mama, I don’t care about nothing”. Yeah baby, “Let’s Go Surfing” is fucking awesome.

The Drums play the Moshi Moshi night at Cardiff Dempsey’s on 24 October

You’ll be dreaming about them by Christmas.

(Yes, The Drums was Part 1 – but seriously they’re soo good they have to be Part 12 as well…)

How to buy tix/wristbands and full line-up


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