Guardianistas and Whizzer & Chips – Buzz reviews CAI

Cardiff Arts InstituteBuzz Magazine has just posted this good piece on the opening of Cardiff Arts Institute.

It’s a fair review that picks up on the Institute’s kitsch and tongue-in-cheek approach while picking apart some of the venue’s features, such as the manifesto and the ‘Nothing Special’ wallpaper – which have already received a tiny amount of attention already – calling them “mildly masturbatory touches that didn’t quite hit the mark”.

Personally I like the manifesto – it expresses the participatory ambition of CAI. And it’s in direct contradiction of something that Buzz picks up on, that Cardiff Arts Institute is “seen by many as a rival to Buffalo and 10 Feet Tall”. I would argue that in fact CAI compliments those two venues – and Clwb Ifor Bach and Toucan Club. Many of the people behind the Institute and promoting there work or have worked in the past with all these venues. Competition is always healthy, but far from setting up as a rival CAI has simply added one more excellent choice to a city that the recent Swn festival has proved is far more interesting when there’s a multitude of good venues baying for your attention.

Update 09.11.09 20:44: In reply to the Buzz review ‘Eclectktic Mick’ has pointed out the ‘Nothing Special’ piece was “designed in the late 80’s by Mark D’amico and offered for free to the CAI in support of those lovely Milgi girls who loved it when they saw it in his studio as children. They could not get their heads around it at the time and it seems things have not changed in 30 years.” There you go…

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One response to “Guardianistas and Whizzer & Chips – Buzz reviews CAI

  1. Well said.

    Good venues SHOULD talk to each other and work together.

    Swn Festival is top but it only comes around once a year. There are loads of things venues can do. How about joint entry cards/offers or mini-“festivals”? How about a network of venues that makes UNIFIED representations to the council, press and so on?

    I go to all these venues. And I make my choices for things I want to check out. How about sharing diaries so similar events don’t clash? No point going head-to-head if you can avoid it. It just hurts everyone.

    Cardiff has the same population as Iceland. But many don’t act like it. Stop fighting over the same crowd. Grow the market together!

    A rising tide lifts all boats.

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