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Yuleblogalog – Christmas in your ear!


This is about Christmas. This is about the songs that kiss you on the back of the neck and whisper “welcome home”. This is about sharing those songs and giving everyone those little kisses.

Snowflakes don’t have to fall. Bells don’t have to chime. Trees don’t have to glitter and portly bearded chaps definitely don’t have to don red and white suits. Christmas is a simple frame of mind: a wamth that can be felt all year round; a glow of hope and wonder; a stirring fireside glow of peace and tranquility. And a quality whiskey.

Come over to Yuleblogalog. There’s hot Glühwein, Sufjan Stevens on the stereo and a friendly portly chap – a bit worse the wear after a busy night, but with a sackful of crushing, gorgeous, genius Christmas MP3s for everyone. I’ll have a nice Grand Marnier thanks.

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