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The 12 Days of Swn-fest: Part 2 – Lesson No#1 presents And They Will Riot!, Devil Man, Team Brick, the Death of Her Money

DJ Scotch Egg

DJ Scotch Egg

So monolithic is Lesson No#1’s gig at the Model Inn during Swn’s opening night that you anticipate the erecting of cranes outside the venue – to enable the brutal frames of these slab-heavy pillars of wondrous noise to be lowered inside.

And it’s not like they’ve given us an easy start either.  Kicking things off at 7.30pm with some fine cage-rattling dynamic dissonance is NP9’s Death of Her Money. All spanking , Godzilla-sized riffs slapped against a scream that marvellously evokes the angry ghost of Napalm Death’s Lee Dorian, Death of Her Money aren’t afraid to slip out of the battered-grind every now for some quaint melodies; which is quite special.

Portishead faves Team Brick profess their influences as “Chlorine of swimming pool 1992” and the Cardiacs. Sometimes they sound like Christo and Jeanne-Claude muzzling Merzbow with acres of strings, horns and Steve Reich’s drums. Sometimes they scrape apart the murky, uncompromising waters to reveal haunting, harmonised a cappella. Deliciously refusing to occupy one solid genre, Team Brick isn’t even a ‘they’ they’re a ‘he’ – and you can never sure who he’ll bring with him; whether it be a full-laden orchestra or a one man soundtrack of trance-like cacophony.

Devil Man is DJ Scotch Egg’s side project with Gorgonn from Dokkebi Q. Getting the doom-gabba-chiptune legend Egg and electro-dub-punk producer Gorgonn together in the Model Inn’s tiny upstairs bar is an incredibly salacious treat from Lesson No#1; expect Scotch to bring the 8-bit Brighton glare and Gorgonn to slide-up with the infectious Dalston sleaze.

The task of topping this lot off is left to And They Will Riot!, who far from convulsing at the task are more likely to stagger violently across the stage with concrete brutalism and slab-heavy riffs that trickle down into escaping instrumentalism. Yeah, it’s all ‘Loud-quiet-loud’ -light/dark dynamics but with Fuck Buttons-style layered screams and a bass player that sounds like the son of Dan Lilker.

Lesson No#1 presents And They Will Riot, Devil Man, Team Brick, the Death of Her Money – the Model Inn, Cardiff, Thursday 22 October

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